March 2023 Quarterly News

Ransom is very focused on my food, hoping for a nibble.

Spring is in the air, or maybe just in my nose. Anyone else love the spring, but your allergies have other plans for the joy of pollen?

If you’ve migrated here from my newsletter, thank you! For all my prior subscribers to this blog, it’s been a few years, thanks for sticking around.

The start of the year has been full of bookish things. In February, I did my first solo Facebook Live, and while I was full of nerves, I really enjoyed it. Although I have a sneaky suspicion, a lot of viewers were there to see the awesome handsome Ransom.

During my downtime, I’ve been watching and reading: I’m finishing up another season of Burn Notice and read Meditations with Cows by Shreve Stockton

What’s growing in my garden: lavender, cilantro, carrots, spinach, kale, and green onions

What’s happening in my kitchen: homemade soup with lots of carrots

March wrapped up to be the busiest month, with the release of my 12th book, The Album. On top of it all, I turned 43 and spent time with my dad and family in San Diego for a few days. It was a nice little adventure and a much needed vacation.

I’d love to hear what y’all have been up to the first few months of 2023, and I hope you’ll stop by again at the end of June for my next quarterly post.

Hugs and happy reading, Savannah


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Multi-award-winning author of clean romance, children's picture books, and coming of age novels.

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