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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Savannah Hendricks, a multiple award-winning author of children’s books and novels. More specifically, I write clean/wholesome romance, coming of age/women’s fiction, and picture books.

My stories contain hope, joy, inspiration, and humor. I love to write in different genres because my mind is always full of fresh story ideas and settling in one category would be impossible for me. My stories are free of curse words and sex. You can share my novels with your family members and not worry about if they’re inappropriate. I take pride in developing amazing stories that are wholesome. As I sit down to write, I allow the story to tell me who it will end up being for when it’s done. When I’m not writing, I work as a medical social worker. Prior I worked with special needs preschoolers and spent eight years as a nanny. I hold degrees in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s in Criminal Justice. 

While many of my books are with different publishers, I started my self-publishing venture under Grand Bayou Press, to honor my late and most loved English Labrador, Bayou. The books under GBP are full of love, humor, and hope.

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You can find all my books here!

Inquires? Please feel free to contact me: desertgal417 AT gmail DOT com

Or send me a letter: PO Box 411, Tonopah, Arizona 85354

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